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Common Carpet Problems

Permanent Stains….

We can and will remove most of the spots we encounter on your carpet. However, keep in mind that some spots turn to “stains”. In these cases, the spots have changed the original color of the carpeting. These stains are most commonly caused by pet urine or vomit, Kool-Aid, grape juice, various medications, and other cleaning agents and are permanent. There are two options available to clients depending on whether the stain is lighter than the original color or darker than the original color. The first option is color repair for those stains that are lighter than the original color. This is done by ‘”dying” the carpeting back to the original carpet color. The second option is carpet repair; this is done by removing the affected carpet and replacing it with a “donor” piece.

Soil Filtration Lines….

These are dark areas that develop gradually over time. They are most commonly found along the perimeter of the room along walls, under floor length draperies, and under doors. The lines are caused by air currents passing through the carpet in these areas. The air carries microscopic particles of dirt and other particles. As they pass over the carpet, the soil particles settle and become embedded in the face fibers of the yarns. The carpet, in essence, acts like a filter. Over time, these soils solidify. It takes specialized spot removal to remove these areas of trouble.

Carpet Shading….

When carpeting is installed, the carpet nap is laid in the same direction. Shading is normally found in high traffic areas, such as hallways, and is the result of multi-directional foot traffic, which forces the nap to lie in the opposite direction. When viewing the carpet in these areas, it looks either lighter or darker, depending on where you are standing. This condition is reversible.

“Bleach” Spots….

When various household chemicals and bleaches are dripped onto the carpet and not immediately removed, some may lie dormant, not appearing until “activated” by the cleaning process. Some of these chemical agents are acne medications, ammonia and other cleaning agents containing bleach. Please notify the cleaning technician if you are aware of any spills of this nature.

Carpet Wear….

Over time, carpet fabrics become worn or distorted to the degree that they no longer retain their original texture and shape. This is a physical change, and while our deep cleaning and grooming will improve a worn carpet to a degree, restoring it to a new appearance is not possible.

Pet Odors….

While our “state of the art “cleaning methods, coupled with a comprehensive deodorizing/disinfecting program will eliminate minor odor problems, some odors (pet) thoroughly invade the carpet, pad, and in some cases, the sub-floor. We cannot completely eliminate these odors with a general cleaning. These cases would involve extensive restoration procedures, which includes detaching the carpet, cleaning both the front and the backside of the carpeting, removal of damaged pad, sealing and treatment of the sub-floor, replacement of pad and re-installation of the carpeting. Please inquire about these services.

Buckling/Carpet Ripples….

You may notice waves or small ripples appearing in your carpet immediately following cleaning. The reason(s) for buckling vary:

  1. If your carpeting was not installed properly with a power stretcher or was done so improperly, buckling is assured.
  2. Improper carpet padding (too thick) can cause buckling.
  3. Dragging heavy furniture across wall to wall carpeting will pull the carpet off the tack strips, causing waves. Restreching would be advised in this case.

The absorption of moisture/humidity will cause the carpet latex to expand resulting in buckling. This will resolve itself as humidity in the room returns to normal and the carpet dries. The root causes for buckling are pre-existing and should not be blamed on the carpet cleaner or on the cleaning process.

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