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Fall Cleaning and Holiday Prep

Leaves are changing. The air is getting cooler. The days are getting shorter. Fall has arrived. Before we know it our homes will become revolving doors welcoming friends and family for holiday gatherings. Fall is a great time to do some deep cleaning and prepare for the busyness of the coming season. Here are some tips to help you get organized and maintain a fresh, clean look in your home throughout the winter months.

Sort & Store– Go through summer clothes and linens and sort out those that will be kept and those that can be donated. Not only will this make room for winter clothes, it will help keep you from cluttering up your closets and drawers.

Dust & Wash– You know those places you always seem to forget about? The top of the ceiling fan. Behind the refrigerator. The kitchen pantry shelf. Take the time to dust and clean the places that are often overlooked in your regular cleaning regimen.

Maximize Efficiency– Survey your home and determine where you can winterize. Doors and windows are big sources of heat loss. Change out screens for storm windows and place plastic coverings over drafty areas.

Prep the Floors– With all the holidays and festivities coming up, now is the best time to deep clean your floors and prepare them for the winter elements. ServiceMaster Complete Services offers cleaning services for all your floors. And don’t forget—in addition to our carpet and hard floor cleaning services, we also offer professional tile and grout cleaning.

Contact us to schedule your fall cleaning! Winter is coming—prepare your home today!