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How to Prepare Your House for Vacation

No one likes coming home from vacation to a disheveled house or, even worse, an unexpected mishap. Before you head out on your summer vacation, prep your house by following these stress saving tips.

  1. Empty ALL trashcans.
    Prevent bad smells and unwelcome critters.
  2. Have a post vacation meal plan.
    After a vacation, no one wants to worry about cooking. Stock up on cereal, frozen food or other meals that are easy to prepare.
  3. Double check doors and locks.
    Don’t forget pet doors and windows.
  4. Clean out the refrigerator.
    If something is close to expiring, pitch it to prevent the always frightening “what did that used to be?” experience.
  5. Turn it off.
    Make sure all appliances and machines are unplugged and turned off including the stove, coffee maker, dryer, dishwasher, etc.
  6. Turn off thermostats or adjust the temperature.
    There’s no need to pay for maintaining a comfortable house temperature when no one’s there.
  7. Hold your mail or have someone pick it up.
    For safety, prevent a packed mailbox by putting service on hold or asking a friend to pick it up.
  8. Take care of your plants.
    Move your plants to a cool place and water them.
  9. Tidy up.
    Do a quick clean up, wipe down counters and vacuum.
  10. Wash your sheets and make the bed.
    No matter how nice your trip was there’s nothing better than sliding into your own clean bed after a vacation.