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How To Stay Safe and Warm in Extreme Cold

The thermometer keeps hovering near zero, and the frigid temperatures don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Cold weather can quickly go from annoying to dangerous, and we want you and your family to be prepared. Here are a few tips to stay warm and protect your home from the winter chill.

How to protect your home and keep it warm:

  1. Service your heating equipment.
  2. Keep blinds and curtains shut to ensure warm air stays in and cold air stays out.
  3. Check vents to make sure they aren’t covered by furniture or rugs.
  4. Make an emergency heating plan in case of a power outage.
  5. Block off fireplaces if they are not in use to avoid heat loss.

How to avoid water damage:

  1. Prevent water damage from melting snow by removing snow from outside stairwells, windows and all walls.
  2. Seal cracks in outside walls that are near pipes.
  3. If pipes are located in cabinets, keep cabinet doors open to circulate warm air and prevent freezing.
  4. Wrap pipes with insulation or newspaper and plastic wrap.
  5. Keep water moving by letting faucets drip.

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