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Tips for Effective Water Damage Restoration in Columbus

Floods, blizzards, and ice storms occur from time to time in Columbus and this can result in flooding. You can also experience flooding due to a pipe burst, backed toilet, or choked drain. Whatever may be the reason, water damage requires prompt action. We, at ServiceMaster Complete Services, offer emergency water damage response in Columbus to give you peace of mind and minimize your stress.

Why You Need to Act Quickly

A burst pipe or flooding must be handled immediately. It is not just sufficient stemming the flow of water. You need to dry the water, sanitize the flooded area, and salvage household articles to minimize losses.

Water damage restoration in Columbus ensures that all traces of water and dampness disappear from your house. As a result, you don’t have to worry about mold growth, which can result in respiratory issues and allergies.

You should not attempt flood restoration in Columbus yourself, believing that the damage is too small to call in a professional. If you attempt the DIY route, in future you would have to spend more to replace your possessions as DIY water restoration will not yield the same results as the professionals of ServiceMaster Complete Services offer.

Water Damage Restoration Tips

In case your home has had the misfortune to sustain water damage, remember the key is to act quickly to minimize damage and restore order. This will help you salvage items and also prevent rust and mold.

Here are a few tips for carpet cleaning and water damage restoration in Columbus:

Air Circulation: Water damage leaves behind a lot of moisture. Hence, if the outside humidity level is low, it is best to open all the windows in your home to allow circulation of air. This natural airflow helps to dry out the house. Ensure you open cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, and drawers. We, at ServiceMaster Complete Services, bring high-powered fans to help in mechanical circulation of air. We advise our customers not to use their HVAC system if the ducts were touched by water.

Run a Dehumidifier: If outdoor humidity levels are high, we prefer running a dehumidifier in each room. This time around, we keep the doors and windows shut to prevent outside humidity from making its way indoors.

Pump out the Water: Many times, when it comes to water damage, there will be stagnant water inside homes. It is best to let professionals, like ServiceMaster Complete Services, deal with stagnant water rather than taking matters into your hands. We have the right equipment and protective gear to carry out this task seamlessly. To pump out stagnant water, a submersible pump is the best. It should be done right away to reduce the likelihood of structural damage to your home or damaging your belongings and assets beyond repair.

Wet Vacuum Cleaner: Things like rugs and carpets will be sodden after water and flood damage. However, you may be able to salvage them. Using an industrial wet vacuum cleaner can help suck out the water and moisture in the rugs and carpets.

Drying Wet Items: Wet furniture and other household items should be taken outdoors to clean, sanitize, and dry. If you have a vinyl or linoleum flooring, it is best to strip the floor and ensure your flooring can get dry completely. Any wet insulation under the floors should be discarded and fresh insulation should be placed.

Get Water Damage Restoration Professionals

Water or flood restoration in Columbus requires a lot of work. It is not meant to be a DIY project that you can undertake at the weekends. It requires professionals with the right knowledge and equipment. That is why you should not think twice about calling ServiceMaster Complete Services to take care of any type of water damage your home may have sustained. We work to minimize damage and ensure everything is taken off in a stress-free manner.

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